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2019 / 2020
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This website has been designed to provide access to articles, information, events, news, seminars, techniques, etc., pertinent to the Filipino Martial Arts and the Philippine Culture.

The purpose of the FMA Notebook is to promulgate the Filipino martial arts and the Philippine Culture. To bring all points of view both good and bad, both the truth and bullshit that is put out.

The FMA Notebook is like a notebook which each issue is a chapter. There are two ways to download the chapters for the FMA Notebook. First as a notebook hand written, second as a clean typed out binder type notebook which can be printed out and put into a 3 hole punch binder.

The FMA Notebook is an online Notebook and Binder style "Printable" with information for the Filipino martial arts community, short stories, introductions of practitioners or styles, theories and/or technical aspects, personal views and short write ups etc., pertinent to the Filipino martial arts and the culture of the Philippine. The FMA Notebook is set up in Chapters with each issue chapter dedicated to a subject such as certain aspects of a style, historical, theoretical and technical aspects, reflections, and other related subjects, also the culture of the Philippines etc...

It is up to the person that reads the FMA Notebook to make up their mind what is what. For opinions are like assholes everyone has one and each is different. Some are bigger than others and some smell worse than others.

The ideas and opinions expressed in the FMA Notebook chapters are those of the authors of the articles or practitioners being interviewed and are not necessarily the views of the FMA Notebook.

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The articles are the property of the author’s that wrote them and cannot be used without the permission of the author. The FMA Notebook is the property of the FMA Notebook and is for the promulgation and promotion of the Filipino Martial Arts and Philippine Culture.

NO issue can be printed and Sold for Monies, without the express permission of the FMA Notebook.

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The information on FMA Notebook is a compilation of many sources.
The ideas and opinions expressed in the FMA Notebook online magazine are those of the authors and are not necessarily the views of the FMA Notebook.
If there is any misinformation or information that is not given the proper credit, please contact us.